Sep 30, 2010

it's a guy thing !

After a few field trips with a team of 4 (2 guys 2 ladies)  ..... .. I have come to the conclusion (more like confirms)  that  .....

men don't read instructions and
don't ask for directions ...
simply because they  'know it  already' (imagine it in a braggish tone !)
when they can't figure out how to work it or get lost  they will never admit it..

Sep 25, 2010

September birthdays...Godson.. Mum, Sis-in-law

and aunts too..
Celebration on 10 Sep.. 
September is full of birthdays.. here's 3 of them right there..(pardon the pix,, it was off a camera phone.),

This was made for Marie's special day...

..called a slider card.

Sep 23, 2010

New age ... bad for children

'boon and bane '
Game speeds, hand eye coordination ...   violent game scenarios.... they can pick up games and yet have problem using  the Powerpoint ?
Typing is too passe...  .. I suppose the invention to do away with that is up next !
Where's the time to experience peace, calm..dinner conversation... when the goal of each waking moment is to fill with some action.

Unless it's 'moving', nothing else seems to HOLD their attention for long... everything else seems slow and especially reading..

What's happened to their imagination, where is it buried, how do we bring it back out to work again.
Unlike the ancient floppy disk, the imagination has no limitations so why are children so limited in using theirs. 

Sep 17, 2010

To say you have lived means you should at some time in life, have lived as a beast of burden for a time.

Sep 3, 2010

The weekend finally..

I finally have a weekend, a Saturday that's not scheduled for any particular demand on my time.
It's time to go get shoes, somebody's feet grew and somebody's feet is feeling vane.
Time to catch up on assignment and read.
Let's go to a Novena service first I think, then get on with other matters.

Shine on me, sunshine
Rain on me, rain
Fall softly, dewdrop
And cool my brow again.

Storm, blow me from here
With your fiercest wind
Let me float across the sky
Til I can rest again.             - Maya Angelou


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