Jul 23, 2011

Going for Walks

When I move, this will probably be one of the things I miss the most. Stepping out and walking in any direction, taking in the cool breeze, sitting in the park.. the quick 'hop, skip and a jump' to church..
It will not be the same in a HDB estate, especially when the high blocks seem to close one in. No I'm not taking a snobbish point of view, just speaking as plainly as possible, this is what it is.

Sure there will be greenery and trees, but somehow it will still not be the same. I suppose for the major part of my life, I have lived in a more open space environment. But I will get used to it, adapt like everything else that has passed in my life.
It will be a small price for peace and comfort. We'll carve out our space like we always can and accept it; and eventually to add to pleasant memories. We can still take our walks. Not so much to mourn about, positive changes, the ones who matter are with me. A loving family is all that matters.

I'm sure there will be new experiences to add, I look forward to them.

Jul 18, 2011

Card Making - die cut & embossing

My first card using a die cut / embossing machine.

I resisted for so long, just wanting to stick with my enjoyable rubber stamping card-making endeavors. but I finally succumbed to getting the die cuts....Well it was more the embossing that pulled me and pulled me... and so here we are in the next stage of evolution of card making for me....

Jul 16, 2011

Too many channels to plug!

When you say no TV,  remember to specify Youtube, cos Youtube is not TV.

When you say no games, remember to specify TV and pc, AND mobile phone.

It's the technicalities that the kids will get you on. They are so sharp when it comes to that kind of stuff and yet they can't apply it at school.

There are way too many channels to plug, and if the kids are in need of reminding to be responsible, just wave the wand on the 'parental controls' and block it all.  When the battle cries have calmed down and they then can hear what I am saying,  I release some of the sites, but not before I 've looked them over.

Beware of gambling card games hidden well within innocent looking kids games.

Jul 14, 2011

Balance: not possible

I recall a line that went something like, the best part about going away for a vacation, is the coming back.
Instantly I shook my head and went uh-uh, no way..

Sure it’s about the comfort and not having to worry about hotel rooms. laundry and the suitcase!
But coming back means returning to reality.

So if life is about balance, why is there always more reality than vacation time ?

Jul 11, 2011

Patience - a lost art..

Are you in the age group that can remember the old telephone.

Yesterday in the mall, we passed one of these decorative replicas and my daughter asks me ' I don't understand how do you dial..' . For a moment, my brain sort of stalled, it's not something I would have worked out an explanation for before now, ever I think!. So I explained, if you want the 8,  you put your finger into the slot, go round to the metal stopper and then let it go back and then you pick the next number like a 6 and do the same.
And she gave me this strange wide-eye look.. that said ..making a call would like take FOREVER....
And I started to laugh and then I said 'we grew up doing many things patiently, you can't imagine that can you, everything is instant these days, at the click/tap of a button or key.'  These young people, get flustered when the internet explorer runs too slowly or files take 15 sec longer to download or emails don't get through fast enough.

Imagine waiting for each tel digit to go through!

No rapid train transport then, getting from point A to B by bus took at least 2 hours and up.

Imagine how using an old(manual) typewriter felt like for documents, I don't think fingers have that kind of strength anymore.

The fingers did get a lot more exercise in the old days.

..... I feel old...

Jul 10, 2011

Sunday Musing: simple daily rules for the living Heart

Need inspiration for living, please visit Sandra at Healthier and Wealthier -.  a blog on all subjects that improve health and wealth and wisdom (and that includes chocolate).  You'll come away refreshed. 

I found these few simple rules to follow everyday, displayed very succinctly on her blog. They point us towards a more peaceful life. Sandra has graciously allowed me to reproduce them here.

I am practicing what I read in the -Triangle of Truth-. 
So many books. methods expounded and so much written on the subject of better living, how much do we recall. If you're busy and harried all the time, try these 6 simple tenets(printed it out), not too difficult to remember and put into practice... Of course I'm speaking for me too.  

Just Do It Everyday

* Appreciate What Is Working In Your Life
* Find The Gift In Every Situation
* Focus On What You Want, Not What You Don't Want
* Make Time To Be Quiet
* Trust Your Faith
* Walk Away From Negativity

Another note to remind us how we can keep our hearts open.. Father R Rolheiser's writes in his latest column  " God puts us into this world with huge hearts, hearts as deep as the Grand Canyon. The human heart in itself, when not closed off by fear, wound and paranoia, is the antithesis of pettiness."   (Catholic News, 17 July 2011)

In essence, we ourselves are in charge of what takes control and what affects the 'size' of our heart. and we can aim for 'a noble heart by access[ing] what is 'best, highest, within [our]selves'.

Happy Sunday!

Jul 9, 2011

Movies in spades..

Why couldn't they time the movies to launch during the June holidays.

After the Pirates of the Caribbean, X Men just barely made it, then followed after the hols by the Green Lantern, then the Transformers and now Harry Porter.... that's literally $50+ bugs per movie in a series of weeks.. do the math..... Well the kids are in movie heaven at the moment. What happens when the frenzy(cinema) dies down.....withdrawal ??.. (enough already... .. back to the books with you)

I thought X Men Classic was excellent in portrayal.  Then after I was asking the question, why do they create movies in a backward sequence these days.. jump into the middle like for Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman.
I'm glad Lord of the Rings was shown in the right sequence.
Is it perhaps true that we would not be as interested to see the origins until we have seen the middle of the story?

Did I catch them in 3D , nah.. I think it's overrated if there aren't really that many special effects. Why pay $4(per person) more to see a perfectly good movie while fumbling with 3d goggles for marginal special dimensional effects.
I would consider it for the animated shows. Will there be a Transformers classic ?

I'm looking forward to more heroic action.... Captain America and Cowboys and Aliens (that will be a weird one!).
What's next after Harry Porter?

Jul 8, 2011

Child deaths...

First it was Caylee, now I read about another child.

How does a child of 13 years, go missing for 2 years with no one missing him.
Anyone following the story of Christian Choate would ask this question first.

And to think that the family services were already aware of the child.

I hope it's a wake up call for relevant authorities and not just another tragedy.

It's so, so sad.

Jul 7, 2011

Odd thoughts (and doubts)

I don't always know what's best but I know what's right.
I may not be the best mother in the world, but I do my best.
Every child has a right to live, to feel safe, to be loved. It is my job to ensure they do.
No child is perfect, they are all perfect to me.
Mischief! It's all part of the plan
If it doesn't feel right, it's not. If it doesn't feel natural, it cannot be.
If my child is not happy, I'm not.
If my child cannot express himself out loud, there is a reason.
Is there enough laughter
Are there enough cookies.
Have I given my child memories of balloons, fries and ice cream.
Is it enough.........
I cannot follow my mother's parenting pattern,
but I can follow how (much)love is given.

Jul 4, 2011

Mummy means 'Lost and Found'

The lost and found department, that's me.  I'm the first person they come looking for when they've lost an item. Mummy is the finder of lost items.
The kids are always loosing stuff, why? Of course, because they don't know where they walked off to; and I end up looking for them and finding them.

It's amazing isn't it, I'm the one who's supposed to be with the Bad memory, and yet I'm the one who seems to recall seeing this or that or remembering a glimpse of said item.

Can I help but nag about tidying up spaces.
Even my eyesight seems to top theirs. I have a 7th sense, I even see things sitting right in front of their faces that they can't.

I'm thinking of charging for the service!


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