Jul 4, 2011

Mummy means 'Lost and Found'

The lost and found department, that's me.  I'm the first person they come looking for when they've lost an item. Mummy is the finder of lost items.
The kids are always loosing stuff, why? Of course, because they don't know where they walked off to; and I end up looking for them and finding them.

It's amazing isn't it, I'm the one who's supposed to be with the Bad memory, and yet I'm the one who seems to recall seeing this or that or remembering a glimpse of said item.

Can I help but nag about tidying up spaces.
Even my eyesight seems to top theirs. I have a 7th sense, I even see things sitting right in front of their faces that they can't.

I'm thinking of charging for the service!


Helen Ginger said...

Eventually, they grow up and no longer ask for help finding things. They're afraid you might actually find it.

Helen said...

l o l you're so right Helen


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