Jul 9, 2011

Movies in spades..

Why couldn't they time the movies to launch during the June holidays.

After the Pirates of the Caribbean, X Men just barely made it, then followed after the hols by the Green Lantern, then the Transformers and now Harry Porter.... that's literally $50+ bugs per movie in a series of weeks.. do the math..... Well the kids are in movie heaven at the moment. What happens when the frenzy(cinema) dies down.....withdrawal ??.. (enough already... .. back to the books with you)

I thought X Men Classic was excellent in portrayal.  Then after I was asking the question, why do they create movies in a backward sequence these days.. jump into the middle like for Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman.
I'm glad Lord of the Rings was shown in the right sequence.
Is it perhaps true that we would not be as interested to see the origins until we have seen the middle of the story?

Did I catch them in 3D , nah.. I think it's overrated if there aren't really that many special effects. Why pay $4(per person) more to see a perfectly good movie while fumbling with 3d goggles for marginal special dimensional effects.
I would consider it for the animated shows. Will there be a Transformers classic ?

I'm looking forward to more heroic action.... Captain America and Cowboys and Aliens (that will be a weird one!).
What's next after Harry Porter?


Helen Ginger said...

Summer is traditionally the season for big movies. Kids are out of school; parents are looking for something to entertain them. We've been seeing about a movie a week (and my kids are grown).

Helen said...

HI Helen, yeah unfortunately our school breaks are on a different schedule.. and these movies are hot into the start of the new school term here.
Have a good weekend.

Healthier And Wealthier said...

Hi Helen. Looks like we like the same books. I read jodi Picoult too....just finished Sing Me Home. Thx for visiting my blog. Following and sending you an email.

Super Single Mom and Her Side Kids said...

Going to the movies is just so expensive! I really cannot believe it. The kids got a gift card for 60.00 but after paying for the tickets and popcorn I still have to pay 20.00!
Crystal Lynn

Helen said...

Hi Sandra, I'm waiting for the smaller version of that book to come out (usual paperback size) cos I read mostly on my commuting time. I LOVE her books and have read everyone of them.

Hi Crystal, I know exactly what you mean.. !!

God Bless



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