Apr 30, 2012

So true... about the simple pleasures

To quote Catherine (the Sculptor artist) in Susan Mallery's book "Only His' ... Traditional crafts provide a creative outlet for women. As our society increases our connection with technology, we risk losing the simple pleasures that bring beauty to our lives'.

As I read,  I thought, is this why some of us are drawn to creating our own little works of art. Every time I give away one of my own self-created cards, I wonder will the receiver appreciate it as I would a personalized handmade craft

A friend who introduced me to the craft, recently unearth some of my earlier cards (made for her and her daughter) before I dug my heels into rubber stamping ... and I think to myself, they are simple and uniquely mine... These were from the days before the advent of the camera phone and common scanners. Thank you friend.

For little Chloe...Wish upon a Star

teacups & roses


Apr 24, 2012

Not very domestic me

Having FB on mobile is great. It keeps me in touch without too much effort, and sometimes I catch something interesting, like persons telling me not to smoke when they know ...well I don't smoke.
Anyway I digress...
I posted a forum page article on facebook a few days ago, re NTUC Fairprice prices not being the same at different outlets, that's not quite fair is it??

So I think to myself, I am one of those who does not compare prices much less remember prices. So what do I do now, I carry my receipt(s) with me just so I can be a 'more informed shopper'.
And guess what # &^#(.. 200ml Meiji fresh milk is now up by 20cts from $1.2...that's 17% increase..!!  (correction I think that's only for 7/11 stores. I need to shop else where for my drink...)

Inflation in today's headlines, hmmm maybe I should start looking at coupons and get more 'domestic'... sigh.

Does having Facebook come under being 'domestic'?..  But wait , the PM just set his up..so it comes under being sociable....


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