Nov 29, 2013

Just appreciate

Isn't this just gorgeous...

at my balcony window...

sometimes the only thing to do is sit and admire God's creation and let him take care of you.

Nov 26, 2013

Starting on Christmas cards....

Making that list already and getting down to making Xmas cards...

Reindeer and Santa on the inside....the Xmas paper is lovely..

a month away.... .. time for the Christmas tree to come out...

Nov 14, 2013

St Jude's Feast in KL

A thanksgiving trip. 

And some shopping of course...with enjoyable dining along the way ...

A theme park within a mall, a roller coaster within the mall above the 7th storey....

 and for the first time despite my numerous trips into Malaysia, I am seeing parts of KL.

National Monuments
The Sultan's new Palace

  :)  .. slow with my camera.. ..

Nov 6, 2013

Exercising... enjoyable and away from the traffic.

Jogging or cycling has never been more rewarding. I recently decided it's time to begin to rebuild fitness and stamina in a moderate way.Nothing ambitious really, something like 30min to an hour either brisk walking or cycling.

About 10 min away from the house, we are able to get on the park connector to Punggol End. There's a lovely track, along the river and currently very peaceful surroundings. Still trying to get the name of the river .. either Serangoon, Sengkang or Punggol ..not sure.

It's less stressful than having to jog alongside traffic on the pavements amid the noise whilst keeping one ear and eye out for caution sake, not to mention the carbon monoxide.

It's about 7km of track, but 2km + t the Sengkang Riverside Park.. that's as far as I got .

I'm aiming to go further and back of course.

It's been a month and a half, sigh.. I have not shed any pounds ..I don't think.

Keeping at it.

Plants in a highrise

Bought a couple of books on houseplants from Amazon, can't wait for them to arrive.

Been busy with kids' stuff, time to get back to my blogging, my reading ...and my scrapbooking... but first my gardening...

Lipstick. surviving and flowering after a break...

These hang outside my home where some of the morning sun can catch them.

This variety of money plant (pothos) is doing well but the Song of India sitting just behind it as wilted away rapidly recently.
 The green non-flowering plants are surviving better.

But there are elements of the humidity and wind factor that have a sad impact on my houseplants. Mostly a whole plant can go from healthy to sudden decline very fast and there's nothing I can seem to do to slow or stop it from dying eventually.


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