Apr 22, 2013

Make A Wish

A Tina Wenke stamp, and Penny Black accents, Martha Stewart's heart

Do wishes come true ? One can only hope they do.

How many wishes have I made over the years.

Life looses something if there are no fairy tales, poetry, 
magic and even romance.

Live a little, live some, 
let go of old baggage that weight us down.

Apr 18, 2013

My Spider plant

I'm trying to assign a little time to greening the home besides dwelling on my scrapbooking

This plant is really pretty when it flourishes, but I'm not quite sure how to take care of the plant once the leaves grow long.
Spider Plant flower
 And I discovered it flowers. a pretty little white flower.

It's been awhile and some of the  leaves are withering, I can't prune ot trim it, can I ..(time to google) so how do I help it ?

I brought it into the balcony where it's a little more shady and cool. I hope that helps revive it since it has been quite hot these past week inspite of the sudden torrential rains.

Apr 17, 2013

Office Politics

Is it possible to get away from it ?

How does one stay out of it ?

If you have good management and leadership it helps and if not then it becomes every man for himself and having allies will mean squat!

I realized long ago that it's a waste of energy and yet it's difficult to avoid if you are embedded in the social fabric of the company.
Remaining neutral is difficult when you know you will get drawn into it by consequences.

Best advice is Aim to get along with as many of your colleagues, forget the barriers of rank, division and language preference even (I'm not kidding); if you can speak Singlish, it's not impossible.
Keep your nose clean and work at your task.

Apr 10, 2013

Trying or tiring year ahead..

It's the year of the double whammy!

PSLE and O Levels for the two boys.

Will I survive,  I' m sure I will but in what condition.  lol.

Somebody mentioned something the other day,  which meant I stress them and they stress me.

That sounds like a waste of energy doesn't it ? So why do it.

So now I do it slightly differently and it does feel better - the pressure is off on all of us.

But it doesn't mean I will stop pushing.. ok nudging does that some better ??

Be Ernie not Bert !


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