About me and this Blog

I'm already on Facebook, so why a blog? There's just so many people on facebook and too much traffic going through it mostly by the youngsters. That's fine to keep in touch - simple line to say hi, share photos and mind everything else going on in all the feeds and posts .

There's more to life that's ok to share with friends and relatives.

I'm a working mum with three kids, a girl(oldest Alx) and two boys(Alr and Ar) - teenager, almost teenager and smaller brat, each about 4 years apart.

I'm not a newbie but this blog is new. This blog is a place where the ugly memories are faded into the background, to remember history for a purpose and put down thoughts for the positive memories and current meanderings, a place to mark events.

These two rascals here are my son and godson. many years back. There are more pix, I intend to put them out as I go along and recount moments.

And of course my craze, my when-I-get-started-can't-stop-addiction is papercrafts - stamping- card making. The one thing I have the least time and the most passion for.

Lately I can add a craze for gardening too...
My latest pre-occupation like I have so much time is my houseplants...


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