Oct 25, 2010

Bookshop at the Ion

On Saturday, I decided to take advantage of the bookshops special discount offer of 25%. I wanted to buy more academic practice books for the hols.. yeah yeah kiasu.   But the sale was only at the Ion where the Popular outlet is called Prologue. I suppose the name 'Popular' just won't do in a upscale mall like the Ion. Just as 'Harris" is at Suntec.  Anyway this was my first actual visit to the Ion. I usually avoid Orchard Road cos I don't like crowds.

Well despite getting lost, walking every which way but the right way, we finally got to the store on the 4th level. (I must add they do have very polite information service persons posted here and there for help but it didn't help cos the lifts were full). The Ion was crowded, it was a Saturday night I suppose. We found the lift lobby but just couldn't get in and decided let's find the escalators and find a way with more walking.

We found the store. It didn't look like the Popular we are used to in the heartlands but of course  duh!..it looked expensive and posh and dark. Bookstores should have more light shouldn't they, but then I suppose ambience outweighs the practical.  But wow and happily, it was filled with a lot more reading material for adults than the usual Popular. We spent a fair bit of time, I spent a fair bit of money, all three kids managed to find books they LIKE to read.

Alr 's selection will probably last him for a year - some sci-fi space to-do, Alx couldn't find one thick enough on - of course- some vampire saga and Arn found some beast range series.   
Notice, there is nothing normal about ordinary human beings in the lot !!!

I found some many things too, but held myself back of course, Dan Brown's latest book,  I passed it to dad to read first, I'm still on my  'Eat, Love, Pray', (I rub my hands in glee.)

We finished late, so there wasn't any time to window shop even, we were hungry, and of course we had dinner there at the food court. Just keep this in mind, add a dollar to what is normal pricing outside except for the tasty fish soup noodle; . Nasi Lemak was $6 - that was unbelievable!


A Cuban In London said...

Nasi Lemak, what a nice memory! Malaysia '08 and '10 (including volcanic ash cloud). So, you're reading 'Eat, Love and pray'? I look forward to your review. :-)

Greetings from London.


Thank you for the comment on my blog. Of course you can your my tips is your new home :)

Enjoy the rest of the week!


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