Aug 27, 2013

STOP with the packages already.

It's irritating to get pushed and nagged into signing for packages. You just want to relax after your hair styling or after a manicure or a massage instead you get stressed at the end of it.

I'm not sure if it's done in the US and other places but here in Singapore this happens very often almost everywhere. Thank goodness they haven't started doing it at McDonalds.

Unfortunately we're women.. we need more accessories, we need more beauty and skincare services and such to keep us going..... and take away the blues  or we could live like drabs!

I understand it's business, there's savings for you... but there is a limit. If I have already committed something to the establishment, then leave me in peace to complete it at least and then start the sales push.

Sometimes you just want to indulge ONCE...but you get weary knowing what's waiting at the end of the session.

But now, before I can even get to the last round, you've got 3-4 more visits to go and still they attempt to push you with discounts to  renew for earlier early bird sign ups etc . It's got to a point where I almost dread going in for the last 3 sessions.... .

And they don't accept NO NO NO... my credit card is full, loaded closed.. finito.....  . One young lady even suggested I use cash (got Nets !!!)

That's the only response I can think of,  besides not going back once you're done...  

Any other ideas ?


Robin said...

You could tell them you're dying and will only last another week. Ergo, the package would be of no use to you. Thanks anyway.

Helen A said...

never thought of that... yeah I can use


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