Jun 28, 2011

Triangle to peace....

Lisa Earle Mcleod writes a book that makes a lot of common sense.  While we have always been thought to tolerate and compromise in relationships to keep the peace so to speak, she has added an interesting perspective which is not compromise but to listen and take in the opposing view and combine it with yours and output a result that is far superior from the original thoughts. It  keeps the peace of the situation, with the other party and within ourselves too.

What it leaves is no baggage, no residual resentments and no bad blood. It opens new thought trends and moves one out of the box where new opportunities abound.

So life doesn't have to be complicated, we just allow it to get that way and wallow in it. The solutions and alternatives are there, we need to avail ourselves of them.

It's about changing your immediate response in a conflict situation.  Hard!.  Our usual communication and work process itself takes tweaking.  In our fast track lives, slowing down a tad in order to do this is an exercise that requires meditative action. Tougher !. 

Basic skills of thorough listening are quite absent with the amount of information passing through our hands and brains. Hence the friction in meetings and stress in arriving at satisfactory-to-all outcomes. 

It's a good read for me, the stubborn (my nemesis for now), the righteous, the myopic, the moderator, the quarrelsome(same nemesis) and the leader.  I have a colleague I'm always (everyone else seems too) bumping heads against, she 'll be the best person for me to practice this on.  .

I especially like the idea that I have a reptilian portion of brain left in me, that explains alot ...:).

Jun 26, 2011

Beautiful Cambodia (June 2011)

Horrors and wonders....  Phnom Penh, Siem Reap...

more than 1000 years of History and rich cultures inter mingled and it's where probably many of our Asians have our origins and links ...
and no, let's not forget too the more recent horrors from 35 years ago(killing >2mil people including women and children) - the despicable action of man's tyrannical rule - Pol Pot; and evidence of reckless land minds in surviving victims.
Still today, there are wounds and healing stories from among second generation descendants of lost loved ones.
The country is beautiful, and clean especially Siem Reap, if you have strength in your legs, see it now.  There's lots of walking and climbing to be done...

Get the Banana Fritters in Siem Reap, couldn't locate those in Phnom Penh !.

1 of the 200 odd (torture) prisons set up by Pol Pot,
the grey border marks
the cell walls  where they once used to be,
for 1 person and a little box for crap and pee.

Bayon Temples Siem Reap

Gorgeous architecture

and rich carvings

Bayon temple, glorious stone work, designs, MAGNIFICENT!

Cultural village presenting the many tribes of Cambodia

Floating Catholic Church on the Tonle Sap lake

Kulen Mountain... 9th Century temple.. (legs needed)

View our own tropical lights from Bakheng Hill., from the ruins of a 9th century temple,
waves of rainbow colours at sunset reflecting off the waters of the Lake
(not just legs needed by courage to climb the steep steps, worse getting down!!)
Angkor Wat

Feel the air around you, touch the stones and let it pass through your senses

Silver Pagoda .. next to the King's Palace - Phnom Penh... lots of gold...and silver....


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