Sep 29, 2011

The Hug card (wih ingredients)

Completed the card, finally.

Stamp set from Crafty Secrets(Clear) - Bouquet of Joy with Words using glitter back powder.

Background stamped using
- Versamark Dazzle ink
- Hero Arts/Basic Grey  - Luscious Bold Flowers
- embossed with

Kaleidoscope powder (transparent) from

- Stencil drawn cut out /circle

- Sizzix Scalloped circle die cut on pattern paper from Basic Grey(Cupcake)

- Letters from Sizzix die cut set (Hugs)

- Edge Lace punch (top of card) from Friskars.

Colouring of design is created with a combination of chalk and Tombow pens

Sep 27, 2011

Almost blue

A MOMENT  in my Life

I took the bus home today from work. Got on the single decker, plenty of seats, sat down to a pleasant unconscious- oblivious-to-all ride while I read my Nora Roberts book.
I got an empty seat, took my place beside the window and relaxed.
Quarter way into the trip, an old man came up and sat down beside me.
Oh man ! He definitely, definitely had not bathe in a month or year maybe. I held my breathe,  tried to breathe through my nose, tried to continue to read, still controlled my breathes and finally began to hope (pray)  that the old man would get off really really soon or I just might have to get out of there before I comatose d!

About 15 tortuous minutes later he got up and left.  Oh thank God (although I doubt God would call that a prayer), I took a huge breathe.
By that time I was already developing a mild headache from the ride and heat and lack of oxygen probably.

Definitely not one of those times to 'live in the moment!

Sep 23, 2011

Are you in a better place now ?

Has Life left it's mark . 
Interestingly another way to look at where one is now  'if you had not been there, you might not be where you are now'. 
So is it a better place to be now ?
For me the 'there' refers to a horrible plac, now. 
it is better. ... but I cannot say good yet.


Sep 22, 2011

Wise reflections from a hard journey

The book I just completed.. A Song Flung Up To Heaven – Maya Angelou.
There are many lessons to be reflected upon in Maya’s story, one of them seems to be about ‘balance’ where many of us tend to constantly think about rushing forward.
In more than a couple of times Maya deliberately stops to gather herself, assimilate to the environment/situation, settles herself in order to move forward and because she is able to I believe that is one of the reasons she succeeds in getting where she needs to go.

“In order to join New York’s ebb and flow, I had to spend some time listening to the sounds, watching the streams of people coursing east and west and north and south. When I thought I had my balance, I dared to look for an apartment.”

Another lesson seems to be to live wholly. Maya had moved many times, from one place to another, but when you reflect at the why, when, what necessitated the moves, and whereto  she was somehow always moving forward in her life, whether she was certain or unsure of the destination or worried about her son. 
For my part I think she had a very efficient guardian angel.
During her last night in Hawaii, she did her best show in dance. You can feel her whole being poured into her request when she writes  " I asked for the music, then invited it to enter my body and find the broken and sore places and restore them. That it would blow through my mind and dispel the fogs. " and she let the music move her in dance.  It feels pure and powerful, a prayer that Heaven cannot refuse.

Sep 21, 2011

Need time for my feet !

No those aren't my feet. Who does not love a good foot pampering!

The one thing about getting your nails painted is, you gotta keep getting them painted ... and painted otherwise remove them altogether.

My toe nails are looking so pathetic, I haven't had time to do anything about them much less go get a pedi.. so I think I'll just have to make do with a patch up job for the time being .. tonight... cos I just can't stand the way they peek out through my favourite pair of shoes.

Sep 19, 2011

Bookaholic's seconds

Is this... bookaholism !!. I'm completing one book by Maya Angelou and still got two other unfinished books on my night stand.  In many instances I have a few choices tugging at me that I want to read, the books seem to be queuing up and I want to read them all, but just don't have enough time to do it. So that's how I end up with books-in-progress.

One of them is also by Maya Angelou (Wouldn't take nothing for my Journey Now) and the other is more psychological/philosophical by Erich Fromm.

It's like this, this book by Maya is meant to be read chapter by chapter, a selection of topics are treated separately, it's inspiration and wisdom wrapped up in very down-to-earth writing of experiences from her real life. So I take my time, pick it up again, now and  when it calls and even re-read certain chapters. Maya's books are wonderful.

The other book, well this is a little heavier and deeper to read but oh so very interesting on the difference between having and being, exploring human nature's essence. I pick it up read a couple of chapters for a day or two and then put it down to mull over it for a whiiile.

Any free, waiting moment outside the home is time to fill with reading  - on my journey to and from work, in a taxi queue, at the bus stop, standing on the train, at the hair saloon, sometimes at lunchtime if I'm by myself and finally before I sleep at night .... I usually indulge in all the other types of books start to finish, mostly fiction or inspiring biographies.

At home, there is not really much time unless the kids are doing their own thing like gaming and other play. There are books to go through too.. assessment books, school books, notebooks etc etc.. get the picture The Weekends are just too short to be spent on oneself when one has school age kids.
And when there is that serious extra long window to relax which is far and few - that's when the scrapbooking stuff comes out.

If you work hard, you just have to allow a few little indulgences.

Sep 14, 2011

The First Communion Card

This was spur of the moment inspired for my niece. I had not stocked up on religious stamps apart from Christmas ones and well, occasions are ad hoc and so we don't always want to buy something that would hardly be used.  I got my Alx to draw a chalice, cos I figured her free hand drawing would top mine any day. Ran an embossing pen along the borders and lines and used Hero Arts Gold embossing powder to raise the glitz with some glitter glue on the corners. And well I bought a couple of embellishments which popped in front of my face at the strangest place and time - the Bookshop.

The cross and the praying hands are actually hand sewn pieces that are meant to be ironed on to clothes. These were very appropriate for what I needed to add on.

I had created the card originally without these two embellishments and I felt that the essence of the occasion ('holy-ness') was missing and so that is how it all came together.

The big embossing die (background) is from Sizzix  (simple and yet classic I thought), add a dash of white glimmer and a touch of green glimmer chalk and a bit of blue for the swallows. I had originally thought to leave it all white, but then possibly an adult might appreciate that but not a child.
The 'host' is a circle punch out from my old Carla Craft punches and the letters from Quickkutz dies. Add a light green paper background for little border and green inked leaf stamps all around.

The lighting is terrible. my apologies.

 The final touch of course was to add a prayer inside the card.

Sep 3, 2011

Have car will travel

We took the dog to the vet this morning.

Getting there we were lucky, didn't have to wait to long on the call  ah but getting back was the kicker....many cabs, none stopped, we waited , I called, waited,  called... . .. waited for an hour before a cabby came by and agreed to take us with the dog. God Bless him and his Silver Cab

The other grievance with cabs, they don't take 5 persons.

It is frustrating.

If you want life without a car in Singapore, don't have 3 kids, have 2, don't have a pet and getting around will be much easier and smoother.

Sep 2, 2011


Branded stuff, I’ve never been really been into any of it for 'brand' sake, be it shoes or bags.
Call me practical.

I enjoy having new things and it’s probably due to the lack of when growing up, hand me downs and second hand stuff. ‘Newness’ not novelty, there’s a difference, does wear off but it lasts almost as long as the non-branded accessory does, which is good. I didn’t spend a bomb on it, so I can dispose off after a reasonable length of time and good use. I am a long wearer, I buy 1 bag and use it forever continuously and do not change it. As for shoes, I’m stuck on a couple or three (different heights/work or casual), only until they wear off and it’s time to get new ones.

So less access or waste. Hence it would not be cost effective for me to buy branded names nor practical when I myself do not need it to have a long lifespan.
It’s nice to have but eventually they do fill up the cupboard for the lack of use and the lack of wear. I understand it's not only applicable to females!

Fake or original I can’t tell the difference, I have friends who buy into the whole brand thing, it makes them feel good, I feel something bad for them when I don’t recognize it, anyway, they are quite happy to highlight it to me.


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