Sep 2, 2011


Branded stuff, I’ve never been really been into any of it for 'brand' sake, be it shoes or bags.
Call me practical.

I enjoy having new things and it’s probably due to the lack of when growing up, hand me downs and second hand stuff. ‘Newness’ not novelty, there’s a difference, does wear off but it lasts almost as long as the non-branded accessory does, which is good. I didn’t spend a bomb on it, so I can dispose off after a reasonable length of time and good use. I am a long wearer, I buy 1 bag and use it forever continuously and do not change it. As for shoes, I’m stuck on a couple or three (different heights/work or casual), only until they wear off and it’s time to get new ones.

So less access or waste. Hence it would not be cost effective for me to buy branded names nor practical when I myself do not need it to have a long lifespan.
It’s nice to have but eventually they do fill up the cupboard for the lack of use and the lack of wear. I understand it's not only applicable to females!

Fake or original I can’t tell the difference, I have friends who buy into the whole brand thing, it makes them feel good, I feel something bad for them when I don’t recognize it, anyway, they are quite happy to highlight it to me.

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