Oct 29, 2011

Warm & toasty Greetings.. Nov card

An old Rose with Bow stamp from...Stampa Rosa (Santa Rosa) (1999)

Favourite wish stamps. 'God Sent His Best' from Stampendous, 'Be happy' from Santa Rosa, .....
  " Warm.. toasty" from Sandi Gore Evans (Uptpwn Design Co) on paper backing from Cupcake (Basic Grey), bit of brown cardstock, loosely cut strips  to give it a rough easel look.  

Using a cuttlebug die on my sizzix machine on Yellow cardstock,..(die image on separate paper layered on front of card) 

those tiny butterflies are the by-products of a spellbinders nestabilities((Butterflies circle) die image.

A mix of inks from Distress and .Versa Color and Versa Magic (pink and green and orange shades), ...
All Purpose Ink 72 Frost White lightly brushed on raised embossed areas.

A problem with this cardstock, embossing powder tends to get absorbed into the card and image becomes flat except for the copper powder on Warm & Toasty..

A card for my niece.

Oct 19, 2011


We're not big on natural expressions,  Asians are still relatively conservative you could say!  But perhaps behind a horror mask it might be enjoyable and easier to be forward!

We're growing a larger international community and the practice of halloween here is becoming more visible among that crowd and the local younger educated ones are catching on to this in small ways through the pubs and clubs but other than that it's still a foreign festivity.

But it looks like a lot of fun for the kids.

For the Catholics, it's All Souls Day - a time to pray for the dead.. a solemn occasion. Let's not forget All Saints on the 1st - the good souls, not the scary ones... :)...

Strangely though, why does Halloween happen just before Christmas?

Another foreign celebration, I'm glad Valentine's caught on a while back,  I like that concept of a special day for special people (FRIENDS not just of the opposite gender kid) and that's taken on it's own local flavor.

Oct 15, 2011

Strawberry Moments - Card

It's probably one of the oldest stamps in my collection.

The main stamp design is from The Embossing Arts Co.. called Strawberry Border, 
against a Sizzix embossed leaf  background, a Sizzix die-cut dragon fly and my favourite sentiment for always from Hero Arts.

Some pretty embellishments - a bit of crochet ribbon trim from Pinkpaislee and classic lace Prima flowers..a little sprinkling of flower-soft Summer dust ..

Life is made up of sweet bouquets of special moments and sometimes it's up to us to ensure that we get those moments and not just wait upon others to create them for us.

Oct 5, 2011

Rivers and old cemeteries

I've been taking the 107 bus back home after work lately.  It's not too long a journey I discovered about 35min tops as opposed to switching buses and then to the North East Line train, perhaps about 5-10 min difference.
It's quite a smooth ride mainly because of the bus lane hours.
One it gives me a nice comfortable, sometimes freezing, seat all the way.  I get to relax instead of running in and out of transport and doing the balancing act on my 2 inch heels in a crowded train.

Two I get to read or just sit back and think.

Lately in my effort to be more PRESENT,  I have started to take note of my surroundings. Kallang Way/Kallang Bahru I think, I go past two rivers, Kallang and Whampoa are quite refreshing  sights. It's not all industrial.  I have to admit the City knows how to look after its' waterways and integrate it scenically into the heartlands.

Most of the time the view I get is better cos I 'm sitting in a double-decker bus.

I appreciate it, that we have trees, creepers and shrubs at any possible space that allows it. That much greenery, that much less of a barren-dry stony feel and that much more oxygen, kudos to town planners and dear LKY.

Of course it benefits the fauna too.

The other area that it passes is Upper Serangoon/ Woodleigh what used to be the Malay and Christian cemeteries for a long time.  Of course the buried residents are no longer there, they have all been moved to alternate abodes mostly columbarium niches.

I feel no fear really nor am I 'haunted' in thoughts when I go by that way.  I just think because I am old enough, I have that long ago picture in my mind of how it used to be;  snapshots of visiting my grandparents' graves, while the younger set will only see it though historical photos.
Now that I think on it, somehow burial seems more restful than the current process of cremation, laid to rest in an urn in a tiny piece of real estate called a niche.... hmmmm.
Let's not go there.

As I passed it yesterday again,  I thought how peaceful the empty fields of grass looked and so quiet.  I wonder if any spirits still linger.

Oct 2, 2011

Time Out with the Animals

I never tire of the Zoo. That’s where we went on one of the September school break holidays. Surprisingly we got there in about an hour in all by bus from home. The weather, thank God was kind, it drizzled a little for the very initial part of the walk but then disappeared and remained warm but not hot.
Ticket prices have also gone up and up .. something like $5 more per person since the last time we were here. Unfortunately Alr does not qualify as a child any longer, only Arn so total admission was close to $100 with the boat ride on the lake, which was something new to try.

We headed for the boat dock first, walking past the sleeping Tapirs.
The boat ride was a pleasant 15-20 minutes, quiet, at a leisurely pace and smooth, could almost make believe we were NOT in Singapore for a little while. Of course it was too slow for Arn.

We got off close to the new Kidzworld with the Water park, .but.we walked in the opposite direction to visit the old lions and the giraffes first, one of our favourites.  The lazy lions were asleep but the Giraffes were chomping away at the leaves..all quiet.  The fragile forest afforded the kids some excitement when one of the mousedeers let us close enough to pat it. Strangely the butterflies were missing. The bats were flying around more than usual, the sloth was where they usually were and there were more ducks and crown pigeons wandering the footpath.

Arn enjoyed his first ride on a Carousel, we had lunch at KFC of course and we gave the water park, which was pretty crowded a miss.  Do you know there's a pony-like critter called a falabella ?.  

 There is a fair bit of upgrading taking place at the zoo, so of course some enclosures were closed or missing animals like the white tigers.  We gathered some interesting new bits of information such as gharials and gavials – slimmer looking versions of the alligator/crocodile family.  I don’t recall them at all from last visits. 

At the centre, we grabbed Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – I had a fabulous strawberry cheese flavour, the kids had chocolate cookie dough while Alr decided on dimsum.
Since I was working the next day, I planned not to stay beyond 3pm, we took the tram down to the next stop hoping to see the white tigers before we made our way back. But alas they were missing. We walked on; visited the kangaroos, said goodbye to the pygmy hippos and headed for the exit.


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