Oct 5, 2011

Rivers and old cemeteries

I've been taking the 107 bus back home after work lately.  It's not too long a journey I discovered about 35min tops as opposed to switching buses and then to the North East Line train, perhaps about 5-10 min difference.
It's quite a smooth ride mainly because of the bus lane hours.
One it gives me a nice comfortable, sometimes freezing, seat all the way.  I get to relax instead of running in and out of transport and doing the balancing act on my 2 inch heels in a crowded train.

Two I get to read or just sit back and think.

Lately in my effort to be more PRESENT,  I have started to take note of my surroundings. Kallang Way/Kallang Bahru I think, I go past two rivers, Kallang and Whampoa are quite refreshing  sights. It's not all industrial.  I have to admit the City knows how to look after its' waterways and integrate it scenically into the heartlands.

Most of the time the view I get is better cos I 'm sitting in a double-decker bus.

I appreciate it, that we have trees, creepers and shrubs at any possible space that allows it. That much greenery, that much less of a barren-dry stony feel and that much more oxygen, kudos to town planners and dear LKY.

Of course it benefits the fauna too.

The other area that it passes is Upper Serangoon/ Woodleigh what used to be the Malay and Christian cemeteries for a long time.  Of course the buried residents are no longer there, they have all been moved to alternate abodes mostly columbarium niches.

I feel no fear really nor am I 'haunted' in thoughts when I go by that way.  I just think because I am old enough, I have that long ago picture in my mind of how it used to be;  snapshots of visiting my grandparents' graves, while the younger set will only see it though historical photos.
Now that I think on it, somehow burial seems more restful than the current process of cremation, laid to rest in an urn in a tiny piece of real estate called a niche.... hmmmm.
Let's not go there.

As I passed it yesterday again,  I thought how peaceful the empty fields of grass looked and so quiet.  I wonder if any spirits still linger.

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