Jan 29, 2012

11-year olds and Nerf guns...

My youngest turned 11. he got two parties this year, one with family including cousins and another with his school mates and neighbourhood playmates. He makes friends easily.

And of course where boys are concerned, the in thing now is NERF. So you can imagine, that's all they were talking about and bothering with from start to finish... fixing up their guns, attachments, bullets, extensions and who would have thought there were so many  different varieties. I was concerned they would mix up their toys, but oh no... I'm told 'chill' 'no worries' ....

So I left them to it and they had great wild time in the park engrossed in their Nerf war..
 Of course my living room looked like a battle zone with parts, and bullets and bags not to mention food and cups and drinks by the time we were half way through the party.
And what kind of party would it be without FAST FOOD!.

It is now almost coming to the close of my evening.

And for the family I hope they enjoyed my special treat of crabs.
I hope my son had a memorable birthday, and his friends had fun too and me I look forward to my bed soon.

Thank God for the lovely weather today.

Jan 20, 2012

Christmas cards and friendship

Christmas gathering - a little late but no less joyful.....

Stamps from Penny Black (Christmas)

From Penny Black Stamps

Sizzix dies ..
Playing with distressed inks this Christmas season...

A Bildmalarna Stamp
Had a ribbon wrap around it, didn't update the photo...with Tim Holtz Distress inks..
Christmas cards for the year..

Jan 17, 2012


But sometimes you need to just take a look at it again to make sure it is still 'well'.

Some things last but eventually, they just break down.

Lately, the appliances in my home have been giving way one by one.  The toaster, then the washing machine and  then the microwave. Lights off and on...

It's like nature telling me it's time.

Some things can be repaired but some things just require renewal.

And like life I too will begin rejuvenation.

Jan 14, 2012

Birthday in December

A birthday card for my sweet niece.

Stamp from Belles and Whistles set against a spellbinders die.

Pat's card, unfortunately I didn't update this photo,  I modified it a litle bit more before I handed it off..


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