Jan 17, 2012


But sometimes you need to just take a look at it again to make sure it is still 'well'.

Some things last but eventually, they just break down.

Lately, the appliances in my home have been giving way one by one.  The toaster, then the washing machine and  then the microwave. Lights off and on...

It's like nature telling me it's time.

Some things can be repaired but some things just require renewal.

And like life I too will begin rejuvenation.



Life has colors. Sometimes they turn bleached out. And then courage is what we need. The rejuvenation shall be worked out. :)
A nice write up. :)

Galen Pearl said...

I laughed at your cartoon. I recognize myself in that person who wants to tinker with something until I make it worse! You are right. Sometimes it is time to bring in the new!


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