Jul 23, 2010

Lessons from the Tree .............

If you constantly pick the low hanging fruits, 2 things will happen :

one, you won't attempt to stretch ourselves to reach the higher and so you will not grow and

two, you will likely miss a lot of sweeter opportunities and never know what those taste like.

A Chomp Chomp experience

July 17 , 2010...
(for non-locals reading this Chomp Chomp is the name of the very popular food centre [open / non-aircon] in Serangoon Gardens)

We live here in this estate and yet for some reason I have not brought the kids to eat at Chomp Chomp.  Which is exactly what Alx asked me the other day while we were waiting for a table at a very crowded Chomp Chomp, amid noisy woks clanging and chatter.. with the added flavour of cooking 'fragrances' (oil)  filling the air and settling in my hair too.

So last Saturday after watching ' Despicable Me',  I decided why not let them have the experience of Chomp Chomp and at the same time grab my favourite Hokkien Mee.

We waited 3/4 hour for a table, and about an hour for the Hokkien Mee... some things just don't change.  That's how I remember it 20-30 years ago.  It was a favourite haunt for us 'youngsters' especially the ice kacang. .... the good ole days... warm memories..

We almost gave up, and wanted to order takeaway.
It was a learning experience  - the  'art of waiting for a table '.  Alx lucked out when a couple of aunties edged in on her table... age before beauty dear... !  How to be more ruthless than the old aunties... ah but then...they have more experience . ... 

All in all it was not too bad I suppose ( inspite of the food smells in my hair )  because the kids actually don't mind doing that again.

I thought for sure they would not want to try that again.

Jul 21, 2010

Irritating morning ride

(very hard to be cool lah)

Simple Courtesy

There are tonnes of people getting out at Little India station and what do you have , two lumps of stone standing at the doorway...(no they are not related perhaps distantly 500 years ago !)

"Excuse Me" is useless..., people shove their way pass them, bags banging at them, still unmovable..- are they brain dead or morons ?

Probably a good shove out the door might do it.

Feeder service woes

My 317 bus....
6 months ago, it used to come on time and regularly, now it doesn't.
They skip a slot, they come two at a time.
Want to imagine how irritating that is ?

and Yes ....  both incidents  involve 'people'.....

...of course being good citizens we don't resort to 'road' rage or bus captain bashing or finger antics or what uncool ways.. have you,.to let off steam..... we swallow it, not quite digested.. carry it with us and dump it on the unsuspecting junior at the office.....

Jul 20, 2010

Beginning of the second dental journey...

Alr got his dental appliance just over the  weekend (18 July). 

If you're a parent with kids with problem teeth that just won't grow the right way, you'll understand ,. it's expensive,. it's tough the first few days, .. you just got to keep coaxing him to stick with the programme, think of what it will accomplish a year from now, ... 2 years from now.

He's just a kid, such long term goals don't really inspire, it's a little hard to appreciate with such short term discomfort.
What helps him too, is the fact that big sister went through it (not exactly the same, but ..) so if she could,  he can too. I hope that'll hold him for a bit..  ..  Poor thing .. can't talk properly, can't eat properly.. drooling problem   etc etc.....  

All in all, so far he seems to be coping better than I expected.

If I wrote about this during Alx's time, I think it would sound less painful, well that story ended with success.
I hope .... what do I hope ... many things..  (that I win toto), that the year moves fast for him, that school doesn't negative affect him because of it and the appliance proves effective in correcting the first stage. 

And I pray dear Lord all goes well for him.

That's one major item off my to-do list ... what's next.

Jul 18, 2010

Today's Sunday message

Today's gospel reading reached out differently. 
Usually it's like I just hear the reading and it's like 'yes I know it, I have heard it before'.
But today I heard it like it was for me.

'you worry and fret about so many things, and yet few are needed, indeed only one. It is Mary who has chosen the better part; '.

Luke 10: 38-42

Jul 17, 2010

Why don't I have Perfect Kids ?

..............because I'm not perfect, neither is their father.

Why weren't we made perfect ?

because our parents were not ?

because ................

Who created us ?

(think I'll stop there !.. it's just one of those days......)

Life was sure less complicated when I was a kid.

Jul 16, 2010

Busy .... It's just Work !

Nothing but litter and trashy ideas..... sometimes the ad business can reek !

What am I talking about ... putting together an anti-littering campaign.....

Busy !

If you could write your own tombstone, what would you write?


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