Jul 20, 2010

Beginning of the second dental journey...

Alr got his dental appliance just over the  weekend (18 July). 

If you're a parent with kids with problem teeth that just won't grow the right way, you'll understand ,. it's expensive,. it's tough the first few days, .. you just got to keep coaxing him to stick with the programme, think of what it will accomplish a year from now, ... 2 years from now.

He's just a kid, such long term goals don't really inspire, it's a little hard to appreciate with such short term discomfort.
What helps him too, is the fact that big sister went through it (not exactly the same, but ..) so if she could,  he can too. I hope that'll hold him for a bit..  ..  Poor thing .. can't talk properly, can't eat properly.. drooling problem   etc etc.....  

All in all, so far he seems to be coping better than I expected.

If I wrote about this during Alx's time, I think it would sound less painful, well that story ended with success.
I hope .... what do I hope ... many things..  (that I win toto), that the year moves fast for him, that school doesn't negative affect him because of it and the appliance proves effective in correcting the first stage. 

And I pray dear Lord all goes well for him.

That's one major item off my to-do list ... what's next.

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