Jul 21, 2010

Irritating morning ride

(very hard to be cool lah)

Simple Courtesy

There are tonnes of people getting out at Little India station and what do you have , two lumps of stone standing at the doorway...(no they are not related perhaps distantly 500 years ago !)

"Excuse Me" is useless..., people shove their way pass them, bags banging at them, still unmovable..- are they brain dead or morons ?

Probably a good shove out the door might do it.

Feeder service woes

My 317 bus....
6 months ago, it used to come on time and regularly, now it doesn't.
They skip a slot, they come two at a time.
Want to imagine how irritating that is ?

and Yes ....  both incidents  involve 'people'.....

...of course being good citizens we don't resort to 'road' rage or bus captain bashing or finger antics or what uncool ways.. have you,.to let off steam..... we swallow it, not quite digested.. carry it with us and dump it on the unsuspecting junior at the office.....

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