Jul 23, 2010

A Chomp Chomp experience

July 17 , 2010...
(for non-locals reading this Chomp Chomp is the name of the very popular food centre [open / non-aircon] in Serangoon Gardens)

We live here in this estate and yet for some reason I have not brought the kids to eat at Chomp Chomp.  Which is exactly what Alx asked me the other day while we were waiting for a table at a very crowded Chomp Chomp, amid noisy woks clanging and chatter.. with the added flavour of cooking 'fragrances' (oil)  filling the air and settling in my hair too.

So last Saturday after watching ' Despicable Me',  I decided why not let them have the experience of Chomp Chomp and at the same time grab my favourite Hokkien Mee.

We waited 3/4 hour for a table, and about an hour for the Hokkien Mee... some things just don't change.  That's how I remember it 20-30 years ago.  It was a favourite haunt for us 'youngsters' especially the ice kacang. .... the good ole days... warm memories..

We almost gave up, and wanted to order takeaway.
It was a learning experience  - the  'art of waiting for a table '.  Alx lucked out when a couple of aunties edged in on her table... age before beauty dear... !  How to be more ruthless than the old aunties... ah but then...they have more experience . ... 

All in all it was not too bad I suppose ( inspite of the food smells in my hair )  because the kids actually don't mind doing that again.

I thought for sure they would not want to try that again.

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