Oct 19, 2011


We're not big on natural expressions,  Asians are still relatively conservative you could say!  But perhaps behind a horror mask it might be enjoyable and easier to be forward!

We're growing a larger international community and the practice of halloween here is becoming more visible among that crowd and the local younger educated ones are catching on to this in small ways through the pubs and clubs but other than that it's still a foreign festivity.

But it looks like a lot of fun for the kids.

For the Catholics, it's All Souls Day - a time to pray for the dead.. a solemn occasion. Let's not forget All Saints on the 1st - the good souls, not the scary ones... :)...

Strangely though, why does Halloween happen just before Christmas?

Another foreign celebration, I'm glad Valentine's caught on a while back,  I like that concept of a special day for special people (FRIENDS not just of the opposite gender kid) and that's taken on it's own local flavor.

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Galen Pearl said...

Hi, Helen! Thanks for stopping my my blog and leaving a comment. You mentioned Asians--I don't know where you live, but I lived in Asia for several years and three of my five kids are Asian--two Chinese daughters and a Vietnamese foster son. And now I have a part Chinese grandson! So my heart is always connected to Asia in several ways. Nice to meet you!


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