Sep 22, 2011

Wise reflections from a hard journey

The book I just completed.. A Song Flung Up To Heaven – Maya Angelou.
There are many lessons to be reflected upon in Maya’s story, one of them seems to be about ‘balance’ where many of us tend to constantly think about rushing forward.
In more than a couple of times Maya deliberately stops to gather herself, assimilate to the environment/situation, settles herself in order to move forward and because she is able to I believe that is one of the reasons she succeeds in getting where she needs to go.

“In order to join New York’s ebb and flow, I had to spend some time listening to the sounds, watching the streams of people coursing east and west and north and south. When I thought I had my balance, I dared to look for an apartment.”

Another lesson seems to be to live wholly. Maya had moved many times, from one place to another, but when you reflect at the why, when, what necessitated the moves, and whereto  she was somehow always moving forward in her life, whether she was certain or unsure of the destination or worried about her son. 
For my part I think she had a very efficient guardian angel.
During her last night in Hawaii, she did her best show in dance. You can feel her whole being poured into her request when she writes  " I asked for the music, then invited it to enter my body and find the broken and sore places and restore them. That it would blow through my mind and dispel the fogs. " and she let the music move her in dance.  It feels pure and powerful, a prayer that Heaven cannot refuse.

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The way you described about the book, it was very interesting. :)


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