Sep 19, 2011

Bookaholic's seconds

Is this... bookaholism !!. I'm completing one book by Maya Angelou and still got two other unfinished books on my night stand.  In many instances I have a few choices tugging at me that I want to read, the books seem to be queuing up and I want to read them all, but just don't have enough time to do it. So that's how I end up with books-in-progress.

One of them is also by Maya Angelou (Wouldn't take nothing for my Journey Now) and the other is more psychological/philosophical by Erich Fromm.

It's like this, this book by Maya is meant to be read chapter by chapter, a selection of topics are treated separately, it's inspiration and wisdom wrapped up in very down-to-earth writing of experiences from her real life. So I take my time, pick it up again, now and  when it calls and even re-read certain chapters. Maya's books are wonderful.

The other book, well this is a little heavier and deeper to read but oh so very interesting on the difference between having and being, exploring human nature's essence. I pick it up read a couple of chapters for a day or two and then put it down to mull over it for a whiiile.

Any free, waiting moment outside the home is time to fill with reading  - on my journey to and from work, in a taxi queue, at the bus stop, standing on the train, at the hair saloon, sometimes at lunchtime if I'm by myself and finally before I sleep at night .... I usually indulge in all the other types of books start to finish, mostly fiction or inspiring biographies.

At home, there is not really much time unless the kids are doing their own thing like gaming and other play. There are books to go through too.. assessment books, school books, notebooks etc etc.. get the picture The Weekends are just too short to be spent on oneself when one has school age kids.
And when there is that serious extra long window to relax which is far and few - that's when the scrapbooking stuff comes out.

If you work hard, you just have to allow a few little indulgences.

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Galen Pearl said...

I'm a bookaholic for sure! I have a stack of books by my bedside yet unread. And it grows faster than I can read! But what a pleasant addiction!


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