Sep 27, 2011

Almost blue

A MOMENT  in my Life

I took the bus home today from work. Got on the single decker, plenty of seats, sat down to a pleasant unconscious- oblivious-to-all ride while I read my Nora Roberts book.
I got an empty seat, took my place beside the window and relaxed.
Quarter way into the trip, an old man came up and sat down beside me.
Oh man ! He definitely, definitely had not bathe in a month or year maybe. I held my breathe,  tried to breathe through my nose, tried to continue to read, still controlled my breathes and finally began to hope (pray)  that the old man would get off really really soon or I just might have to get out of there before I comatose d!

About 15 tortuous minutes later he got up and left.  Oh thank God (although I doubt God would call that a prayer), I took a huge breathe.
By that time I was already developing a mild headache from the ride and heat and lack of oxygen probably.

Definitely not one of those times to 'live in the moment!

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