Apr 24, 2012

Not very domestic me

Having FB on mobile is great. It keeps me in touch without too much effort, and sometimes I catch something interesting, like persons telling me not to smoke when they know ...well I don't smoke.
Anyway I digress...
I posted a forum page article on facebook a few days ago, re NTUC Fairprice prices not being the same at different outlets, that's not quite fair is it??

So I think to myself, I am one of those who does not compare prices much less remember prices. So what do I do now, I carry my receipt(s) with me just so I can be a 'more informed shopper'.
And guess what # &^#(.. 200ml Meiji fresh milk is now up by 20cts from $1.2...that's 17% increase..!!  (correction I think that's only for 7/11 stores. I need to shop else where for my drink...)

Inflation in today's headlines, hmmm maybe I should start looking at coupons and get more 'domestic'... sigh.

Does having Facebook come under being 'domestic'?..  But wait , the PM just set his up..so it comes under being sociable....

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I am addicted to facebook. And fb mobile serves my addiction. :D


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