Jul 23, 2011

Going for Walks

When I move, this will probably be one of the things I miss the most. Stepping out and walking in any direction, taking in the cool breeze, sitting in the park.. the quick 'hop, skip and a jump' to church..
It will not be the same in a HDB estate, especially when the high blocks seem to close one in. No I'm not taking a snobbish point of view, just speaking as plainly as possible, this is what it is.

Sure there will be greenery and trees, but somehow it will still not be the same. I suppose for the major part of my life, I have lived in a more open space environment. But I will get used to it, adapt like everything else that has passed in my life.
It will be a small price for peace and comfort. We'll carve out our space like we always can and accept it; and eventually to add to pleasant memories. We can still take our walks. Not so much to mourn about, positive changes, the ones who matter are with me. A loving family is all that matters.

I'm sure there will be new experiences to add, I look forward to them.

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