Jul 11, 2011

Patience - a lost art..

Are you in the age group that can remember the old telephone.

Yesterday in the mall, we passed one of these decorative replicas and my daughter asks me ' I don't understand how do you dial..' . For a moment, my brain sort of stalled, it's not something I would have worked out an explanation for before now, ever I think!. So I explained, if you want the 8,  you put your finger into the slot, go round to the metal stopper and then let it go back and then you pick the next number like a 6 and do the same.
And she gave me this strange wide-eye look.. that said ..making a call would like take FOREVER....
And I started to laugh and then I said 'we grew up doing many things patiently, you can't imagine that can you, everything is instant these days, at the click/tap of a button or key.'  These young people, get flustered when the internet explorer runs too slowly or files take 15 sec longer to download or emails don't get through fast enough.

Imagine waiting for each tel digit to go through!

No rapid train transport then, getting from point A to B by bus took at least 2 hours and up.

Imagine how using an old(manual) typewriter felt like for documents, I don't think fingers have that kind of strength anymore.

The fingers did get a lot more exercise in the old days.

..... I feel old...

1 comment:

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

amazing how things have changed in many levels nowadays. the old telephone is a piece of art.

i really enjoyed your wonderful post, great ending about the fingers.
thank you so much.



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