Jul 10, 2011

Sunday Musing: simple daily rules for the living Heart

Need inspiration for living, please visit Sandra at Healthier and Wealthier -.  a blog on all subjects that improve health and wealth and wisdom (and that includes chocolate).  You'll come away refreshed. 

I found these few simple rules to follow everyday, displayed very succinctly on her blog. They point us towards a more peaceful life. Sandra has graciously allowed me to reproduce them here.

I am practicing what I read in the -Triangle of Truth-. 
So many books. methods expounded and so much written on the subject of better living, how much do we recall. If you're busy and harried all the time, try these 6 simple tenets(printed it out), not too difficult to remember and put into practice... Of course I'm speaking for me too.  

Just Do It Everyday

* Appreciate What Is Working In Your Life
* Find The Gift In Every Situation
* Focus On What You Want, Not What You Don't Want
* Make Time To Be Quiet
* Trust Your Faith
* Walk Away From Negativity

Another note to remind us how we can keep our hearts open.. Father R Rolheiser's writes in his latest column  " God puts us into this world with huge hearts, hearts as deep as the Grand Canyon. The human heart in itself, when not closed off by fear, wound and paranoia, is the antithesis of pettiness."   (Catholic News, 17 July 2011)

In essence, we ourselves are in charge of what takes control and what affects the 'size' of our heart. and we can aim for 'a noble heart by access[ing] what is 'best, highest, within [our]selves'.

Happy Sunday!

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