Jun 25, 2010

Took the boys swimming

22 June
I was reminded that this is the last week of the school holidays. I am glad really, because it 's stressful, the house almost feels chaotic without the order of school timetables, and beside it's not like I get holidays too
So to cram in a little more play, on Tuesday I took a half day, prayed that it didn't rain, to let them have their swim. Actually it was mostly Ar who was pestering me about it, he wanted to practise his new found skills.
We went to Anchorvale, dad brought us, mum wanted some sun and so we all went.

I call it the mini Sunway lagoon, cos it's not just pool but slides and slides and waterfalls and water dumps here and there.
It was pretty crowded in the play area for a weekday. Alx had to go to school, commitments to meet.
It didn't rain..

Why is it, you don't want to entertain their every want (should not) but at the same time you feel you still need to give in to some things and go the extra mile ?  
Do you know what I'm talking about, never mind, ... neither do I ?.

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