Jun 19, 2010

Cameron Highlands

1st week Dec 2009 -

We drove up to Camneron Highlands with dad, mum decided to forgo the challenging drive up the winding roads....... Tha last time I was up there was like 25 years ago or something like that.

We picked a 'practical' hotel in the heart of Brinchang, the town near the top. Just remember you don't always see everything on the internet. I think it was called Hua Gin, good rates, as basic as they go - beds, small cupboard space, space enough for 4 instead of 5, a couple of drawers and a little bathroom where the hot water shower actually worked.  BUT (of course there's a but) there's no such thing as a bell hop service.
Of course,  we were given the 'big' room on the 3rd floor which had NO LIFT . The expanded wing they called it. I had a huge luggage bag as befitting someone who packs for kids which had to be air lifted by 'moir'.
About the rest of the stay, I can't really complain, cos the kids did enough. They're so spoilt.! Of course there's no swimming in Cameron Highlands.   I think they enjoyed it somewhere along the way, they gave up on the idea of finding the beach and a game arcade.

We visited the tea plantation,  viewed  the bees and the honey making, enjoyed the strawberry picking,gorgeous flowers,
giaint roses,

(blame it on the camera)
spotted some strange and cute creatures, 

some shopping (of course what's a holiday without shopping) and experienced some winding travelling stomach churning drives.

I'm sure Ar forgot about finishing the whole tray of strawberries in the hotel room or the ferris wheel (how many rides was that ?).

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