Jun 27, 2010

Caught a movie ...

Saturday - the last weekend of the June School Holidays.

I suggested a movie before I realised Toy Story 3 was showing. And I thought oh oh I would have to sit through 2 hours for their sake. I'm not that crazy about Toy Story but the kids are (which is OK). Then luckily there was an alternative which they thought was a better idea, Karate Kid..  yay for Jackie Chan and Kung Fu.
Why is that anyway, it's about Kung Fu but the title is Karate Kid ?...are they the same .. Chinese martial arts vs Japanese martial arts ... Jackie = Chinese...  Miyagi = Japanese..... ??.

Will Smith's son is a good looking skinny little kid (10 year old Jaden Smith), and I must say has his father's looks and he acts well too. It's a good movie for the kids, there is an underlying message for them to take away about the use of physical force and simple lessons about discipline, courage and determination in spite of pain and fear.

There were a few times during the movie that I thought he acts like Ar or Alr and how I act like Mrs Parker; Drey couldn't be bothered to hang up his jacket and his mother repeatedly reminded him, 'pick up your jacket'... very patiently persistent.. .so it's atypical.
Jackie Chan was good in his serious role (I think this Mr Miyagi was refreshing..) and of course we enjoyed the action and some fabulous scenes in China.

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Kaylen said...

You don't like Toy Story? I loved every second of that movie from day one.

I really really loved the original Karate Kid, so I don't know about the remake. I typically don't like remakes, however, I do love me some Will Smith and I suspect I will love his offspring!


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