Jun 24, 2010

Dental visit - ever anyone ?

I made my first dental appointment a few weeks ago for the first time in 15 or 20 years. Why? Because  I'm sadistic.. no, because I thought and thought and thought (gum disease keeps appearing on the tv screens)  that it was about time to give that dreaded profession another chance at my mouth.
Many, many moons ago when I was still in school, I was taken to visit Dental Health (or something like that then) and they looked at my rabbit teeth and said there' s nothing to be done but consider pulling out and doing dentures. So naturally that was the end of that. Never gave it another thought for the next decade or two.

Save for taking Alx and Alr to the dentist which I see as my parental duty and because it matters (no matter how bloody costly it is to do) I, me and myself have never sought to go to a dentist for any other reason except pain some 15 or so years ago - to do a minor filling.

2 days ago, was the second appointment.. It's called root planing, it's another way to say drilling out everything that can't be removed by ordinary means. ughh ! ..(ok don't go there).
The moral is: brushing or flossing is NOT ENOUGH after years and years.
It wasn't as bad as expected, the dentist was quite informative and pleasant, definitely knowledgeable,  lots of numbing medication, antibiotics and I am done after 2 appointments and some $1,500 poorer. Call it making up for 15 years of check ups and cleaning.

Thank God that's done.

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