Jun 21, 2010

Father's Day

Sunday 20 Father's Day

It's Father's Day, so of course I asked Father what he would like for dinner. Since my sister already 'ruined' my seafood idea (by taking him out the day before), steaks should be next .... So there are a couple steak restaurants in Serangoon Gardens, why not , he's ok with it.
But nope - Mum says let's go out somewhere else, drive out further.. (meaning not close to home) go to the beach, maybe pizza ?? but I reminded her it's Father's day not kids' day. I think she was confusing taking the kids out for air with dinner for Father's day. So we (dad and me ) sigh, of course somehow we would have to go somewhere close to her 'imaginationings'.

So we ended up at the Marina-Esplanade area by the bay, all in all it was quite close to her 'imaginings' - cool breeze, open space, scenery, lights.. and well we managed to find steaks, rootbeer float and some interesting combination of food (satay, onion rings, soft shell crab, fish and chips, pasta)  at a place called the Sour Puss, a restaurant by the bay. Lovely ambience actually, there was a piano recital further down, with the music floating down to where we were.

The kids got a kick out of the search lights shining out from rooftop of the spanking new Marina Bay Sands... 'almost like in Batman'...

Turned out well, all round, lucky for ma,.. didn't like the expensive parking of $5.50 per entry at the Esplanade , but well nothing is perfect.

Happy Father's Day.

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Dalis said...

helen, thanks for your comment on my card. I started rubber stamping about 15+ years ago and still enjoy collecting...I mean stamping... LOL!!!! I started doing hybrid and digital... so I do a bit of everything.

-- dalis


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