Jun 23, 2010

Flying a Kite

June Hols - Week 2 / week 3

Did I mention, the boys got their first successful thrill with a kite at the beach that camping day?

Rb, my fren's son, bought one, so ok I had to buy two... $8 each, er.. highway robbery !  Of course it's at the East Coast and no one else is selling any close by.. take it or leave it lah.  Anyway I digress.

Actually at first I bought one, but of course (how terribly forgetful of me) they would start to fight over it right.. ah but then, ok  I digress again. Did I mention my friend said and I thought it too 'lucky she has one only ' .. (giggle giggle).

They got a kick out of it, managed to get it flying... up up and away... for a little while at least. I believe it is their first sucessful attempt at kite flying [cos the last one we bought was just too heavy and would not take off, I think we killed it and buried it somewhere]. I had flown a kite many many moons ago, so it's a wonderful feeling really, there is that exciting something you feel when the wind picks it up, lifts it and it keeps flying while floating higher and higher.

The second attempt was not at the beach, it was near the Anchorvale Recreation Club. The huge open field seems to be popular for very successful kite enthusiasts. Well we were not so successful that day.

The 3rd weekend of the holidays, the boys were insistent on flying their kites. It was not a windy day, it was in fact quite a dreary day, very cloudy and grey, no sun but no rain (just a tiny drop here and there..like the weather couldn't quite make up it's mind !). Because of the lack of wind, it was quite tough to fly the kite, and enthusiasm turned to sour faces and temper tantrums. It was my fault that the weather was not perfect.

Well, we still have the kites in tact, we'll try again soon definitely, I'll just have to make an appointment with the Mother Wind.

[Kite Flying Carnival- competitions, kite clinic, demo etc at Anchorvale Fields July 4 from 10am-6pm.]

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