Aug 14, 2010

Bird Nests - why are they staying away from the trees ?

Coincidence or is there some strange message behind there ?

Sometime ago at my parent's house, the Sunbirds decided to build their nest right next to the house entrance, against the wall. There are so many trees to choose from and yet they had decided to brave the very human zone. Somehow they knew my folks and any one who goes there can be trusted not to disturb the nest. 
Sunbird's nest

Ok I'm not saying they fully trust us humans, not like they were willing to hop onto our hands or anything like that. They were very watchful. Whenever any of us wanted to poke our heads closer to see what was in the nest, momma or papa bird would fly out - flitter here and there at a distant, twitting very loudly as if to say get away ..get away... They would calm down when we moved away. Yet inspite of our 'kaponess' or should I say  'caring curiosity', I believe there has been 3 generations coming out from there.

A week ago at our house, a pair of doves decided to set up nest just on top on of the exterior spotlights outside the window. And yes there were a pair of eggs in it a couple of days ago. We had to peek of course. Momma bird (pretty looking bird) is a little weary but she comes back.

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