Aug 27, 2010

Busy Saturday this Saturday

It's been a tiring week, I'd like nothing better than staying at home-sweet-home.

Arn has his calendar full this Saturday, which means my calendar goes out the window.
Parent- teacher meeting in the morning and then I guess I should take him to the birthday party he got an invite to. That will take most of my afternoon and early evening and it's really really... out of the way like in Pasir Ris.
But the child is entitled to his moments.

I will have to hang around somewhere close by for about 3 - 4 hours(or stick my self infront of host's TV) before I can fetch him.

But in the end I will probably be glad for it - that  I did bring him.

Should I rent a car ?

Still got things to do.... ... itching to get to my card kit ...

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