Aug 2, 2010

The House I Grew up In

The Noisy grill
Mum and Dad are moving out of the house I grew up in, of almost 30 yrs
50th Wedding Anniversary Card
There's something steady and stable about that old house almost as steady as Dad.
That's what it represents. I could always come home or go home - it's always there. I never thought of it differently.

Front Porch
The landscape has changed, the neighbours have seen a turnaround too. Lots of tall houses now poking the heads up higher than the rest, to the left and the right a few doors down and immediately behind us and in front of us. The school grew taller too over time.
The side Garden..

But the house remained my comfort zone.. memories of my dogs, the old iron gate - yes I had a share in painting it too, the plants, the trees - ah.. the old forever non-stop flowering and fruiting drumstick tree.

This estate - it is all home.

Even when I moved out of the estate, here was where comfort was.  The warmth of  memories, growing up, scraped knees, bicycling, childhood games, friends from church and school all familiar and close to the heart.

I feel sad at the thought, but I understand the reasons for the moving.  I'm thinking of the house as a person, that will no longer be. Soon it will most likely be torn down and rebuilt so that a new tall house can stand there too.

The estate is not looking as cozy as it once was, it just seems more crowded these days as more houses grow two and half stories tall..

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