Aug 28, 2010

Inspiring Maya Angelou

I finished my first of Maya Angelou's books 'The Heart of a Woman '. An amazing woman and amazing life.

She is truly blessed in spite of her struggles she has experienced much as a woman and a mother and has really lived. If I estimate correctly this book covered some 8-10 years of her life til her son went to the University.
So much courage and zeal.

From time to time, she is able to articulate the most deep seated thoughts a woman or a mother has and I am nodding my head and thinking ...that is life and everyone goes through it.

Somewhere in the second chapter she writes about her fears, doubts and contradictions of life(beyond their control) outside of them  and yet in the home to her child she must provide a blanket of stability, which warms but does not suffocate," ..

A common thought for mums..."She questions whether she loves her children enough  - or more terribly, does she love them too much".


Helen Ginger said...

That last thought you wrote really is one that's common to most if not all moms. I'm not sure it passes when your kids grow up. It hasn't for me yet.

Melinda said...

So, so true, Helen ... I think it gets worse as our kids get older .. how do we guide them, love them, give them what they need without suffocating or enabling them.

And how do we provide stability in the midst of all of life's uncertainties and difficulties ... being a mom is just plain hard.


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