Aug 10, 2010

There's Life yet... National Day holiday..

Nat'l Day goodies...
It was National Day (9 Aug) a public holiday, an excellent rest day.
Of course the highlight seems to be the designer Tote bags... (more style with age.. 45 after all!!) 

From home you can hear the jets roar and the helicopters rumble and the fireworks boom.. and unless you turn on the tv to watch the parade, only the ears will get a tiny bit of the celebrations happening down at the Padang.

Yesterday evening  (while the sky made 'parade' noise)  I played badminton with Aor. As much as I groaned when he asked me to play with him, I suppose I am glad that I still have the capacity to move (with some speed) the way I must (the joints are still flexible enough,)..

Of course I perspired, (should I say sparkled … hey the pores are not clogged yet…. surely a very good sign).
It was hot, there was a breeze (the wind comes out whenever the rackets come out… strange).

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