Oct 5, 2010

Basics, basics ..wherefore art thou ?

Schools have forgotten about basics. I met my son's teacher a few months back and I said to her  'could you introduce school brushing like they did in the old days?' she looked at me a little queerly. I don't think I meant it in the literal sense but the point was that.

With 'progress' in learning systems - pc-fitted, thinking creatively, learning out of the school room ... online., all of us jumping on the bandwagon of the education rat race, seems we have trouble enforcing the basics  like neatness, treating books with care and brushing teeth which for some reason the kids - see as less important !

What's up with that ?

Basics just get pushed down the list.....

1 comment:

anymommy said...

They do, don't they? I love that my Kindergartners' teacher focuses on manners and cleaning up the classroom as they go through their day.


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