Oct 13, 2010

Love my Books

Went to the bookstore last week; bought 3 books this round, got a little enthusiastic, couldn't stop myself.. at the book store. I feel happy walking among books and books and browsing of course, what a wonderful way to spend time... like a vortex I get sucked in and and forget time and the present.

I tell myself these are books that I will keep. But you know there is only so much space for one’s personal book shelves. So after a while I have to decide what to give away to make space, I pass them on to a thrift store or the church’s second hand shop (which is where I go to rummage for books sometimes)

There’s also a shop (Sans) that takes back the books you buy from them but of course within a certain time period. Which is ok, they essentially refund you about a third of the book cost which beats disposing. So if there is a series I follow, I get them from there and return mostly but keep the exceptional ones.

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Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Stopping by to say hi and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.
Love your blog.
I'm glad you found me so I had the chance to find you!

Have a great day!



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