Oct 18, 2010

Purple shoes

Purple shoes well not exactly purple purple, you know it’s sort of deep purple, so in non-white light it almost looks black.

What am I going on about, I decided to adventure into another new territory of non- black shoes. It started with red strappies two years ago, I thought that was major. Ok.. this is just another branch.... or stem.

In the daylight you can see it’s purple. Call me old-fashioned, non-adventurous but fashion and I just never had the opportunity to get to know each other that well , we just started getting acquainted in the past 10 years with a sort of a coming out into my own, really, really late bloomer,  hence my obsession with pink in the last few years.

Never really had the opportunity in my younger days to explore for the lack of pocket money and a conservative home. And then as one ‘matures’ one doesn’t quite dare dip the feet in until some major catharsis hits like the approach of the middle ages.

Anyway today I wore the purple shoes (deep purple), and suddenly I’m noticing the other colours around me as I take myself on the  .. well trodden, well worn.. path to work.  There’s actually quite a lot of purple out there, not on feet but on blouses, shirt ties and  oh.., even purple streaked hair.

Oh good .. I’m not really standing out anymore.

1 comment:

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Love purple! I used to wear purple shoes...they were really a hit.

Thanks for your lovely comments; it means a lot!
B :o)


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