Oct 16, 2010

Ranting Saturday - cost of vegetables and haircuts

Is everything more expensive these days or is it my imagination.
Did I just pay $15 for a handful of vegetables ?   Fish is expensive  but unfortunately it's also healthier, ..(troublesome too as I get more whining from the the kids ... they 'd rather live on chicken and mutton).... $16 !! for white pomfret is there any point haggling with the fish seller

Prices of food are skyrocketing  but our salaries are barely crawling in the upward motion. 
The economy is bad then the weather is bad, then the economy picks up and property prices climb again  although one has got nothing to do with the other,  notice the pattern , it's all just going up (except...) which just means the hole in our pocket grows bigger and bigger.

Now to more mundane stuff... it's time for haircuts AGAIN, why do the boys hair just grow like ... lallang .. at least there are still no-frills barbers around for that;  a $7 or $8 for a basic haircut !

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