Oct 14, 2010

Slavery of Women (cont'd)

I'm still reading 'Half the Sky', am about 3/4 ways through.

Here's a quote of a quote from the book from the father of an Afghan woman, it captures the very essence of the problem, within which is the solution .
'That is why these people are afraid of educating women - they are afraid that then the women will ask questions, will speak up... That's why I believe in education. It is such a powerful tool to overcome poverty and rebuild the country. If we took the foreign aid that goes into guns and weapons and just took one quarter of that and put it into education, that would completely transform this country."

In the introduction there was a discussion from security experts that stuck in my mind that 'Empowering girls.. would disempower terrorists', the discussion stems from the marginalization of women and it's consequences.

Lots of food for thought !

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