Nov 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home

The new house is quite cozy, the first informal house warming was today. There's still a bit of work to be done, but it didn't get in the way.

Dad's got a lovely view out his study window, there's a huge green tree with a good distribution of branches, a breezy sway today and feels very cool.  Settling in with his TV sets and electronic gadgets.  Still lots of wires to go into place. 
Soon he'll be putting his plants in and smelling the roses.

Mum's finally getting comfortable. Soon her spanking new kitchen will be filling up with the old smells of spice, curry and onions.

I thought it would feel small but it didn't, it felt comfortable, it felt like home. 

The contractor took close to two months and it's not totally completed, odds and ends still not done yet.
It will be my turn to move house soon, I'd better start making notes and get advise on good contractors.

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