Nov 26, 2010

Moody leave...soon to come...perk up it's Christmas

moody blues 
green trees
coloured lights 
glitter for 
a wet
not white 

Street decorations, festive lights, giant Christmas trees are out and the festive mood is slowly encroaching on me. I've been trying to put it off but not for long. Advent is here.

Not been able to do much with the kids for lack of leave, that's depressed me more I think.  My company starts off leave with a miserable 10 days a year. Well I remind myself, give and take. 5 days of leave translates to 2% a year of not working. So the long-timers here essentially work 2% to 4% less every year compared to those 'new' like me. If you are in a job that constantly practises ROI,  how should one interpret that..

It's the mood, how does one get into it, when you're still slaving away at work, without much leave days. It's depressing.

Whether you like it or not, pull up your socks, time to make out that shopping list, gift list, dig out the tree and ornaments and think about what to wear for Christmas mass. 

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