Dec 4, 2010

School hols outings.. finding ways to entertain the kids

School hols are stressful unless you can afford to take them on long overseas holidays. How to keep them occupied,  is always the question at the top of your mind. What to do?  The kids have to get out of the house or they would be vegetating with the digital games.

We took a trip to Sentosa, during the Hari Raya Haji holiday. Surprisingly it was not crowded at all, as we expected. 

We had not been to Sentosa in a while so why not.  Sentosa can be an expensive place with a family of 3 kids, unless you plan to slump on the beach of course. But the kids needed to get out and do things. 
There were no long queues which was great.

We took a few rides on the Luge, 2 for me and 3 each for the boys. It was fun.
Alr was a real speeder, almost crashing into the slow sign barrier.

Once done,we took a walk to the other end of the beach to look for the Mega Zip (the flying fox thingy).   That was expensive like a lot of the amusements on Sentosa.  I decided to let the boys have a go without me, and waited at the end of the rope to see if I could snap a photo of my phone cam.  The photo didn't come out right, by the time it snapped, I only got the feet of them moving downwards.

There were a couple of other challenges like rope bridges and wall climbs but I thought I'd hold off for another time, another reason to make our way to Sentosa.

I must say that the changing rooms and toilet facilities along the beach front have improved tremendously and multiplied.   I thought ok, we could make our way here on another day just for the kids to enjoy the beach. This was actually more accessible (transport wise than Changi beach or East Coast).

Since we had no queues delaying us, we were done quite early. What to do next besides shop at VivoCity?

Grab lunch first, Hot Dogs - the boys were unanimously ok with it, just outside the Underwater World,  plain old fashioned (Cheesy) Hot Dogs with mustard, tomato and chilli sauce with fries was actually quite yummy. Glad we gave the pasta on the beach a miss. Instead of walking back to the monorail station, the boys got a thrill out of sitting on the beach tramp. Every little thrill counts.

Next we headed for VivoCity, where we were to rendezvous with Alx. She was going to have lunch while we grabbed ice cream.
VivoCity was so crowded, so packed it was irritating to make our way within the place really.

What next to kill time and let the boys have more fun time?  Of course, the water area on the roof.  I had brought no change of clothes, but of course Arn got almost all wet, Alr was not really in the mood and just sat by the side. I left them for awhile to go get a $2 towel from Daiso. 

When I got back, the black clouds were starting to roll in, the wind had turned cool and you could see that further out to sea, it was already raining. Time to head back.

Grabbed a drink at Banquet and then hopped on the train. That was almost a full day, tired out for me, time to rest and get ready for work the next day.

What next? Well two days later we caught Harry Porter Part 1.

Next .....

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