Feb 3, 2011

Not quite so smooth..

Been off blogging for a while, miss it, lots on my mind and with much less time than I used to have. It's the first day of  Chinese New Year holidays. We checked out the new Sentosa Boardwalk along with a hug crowd heading towards Sentosa.  I'll leave that for my next post.

The weather has gone berserk, for a supposed post-monsoon period we have been having continuous rains. Last weekend it just rained and rained non-stop for 3 days practically.  It's a consequence of the extra cold weather above the equator that's keeping our monsoon weather going. It's been so cold, I'm starting to imagine it could snow here on the almost equator where we are.  Still I should not be complaining hearing  about worse weather news in other parts of the world like Australia and China.

The kids were caught up in this recent flu epidemic, one by one. And me, I'm just wondering what's keeping me standing, 'touch wood'.. it hasn't got me yet.

Arn turned 10 recently. I have hopes for him and I believe his purpose for being will show itself sooner or later. He is mature in a way for his age, but he has lived through more stress than most kids.
Alx did well in her studies, but somehow 'well' just isn't enough anymore in Singapore it seems. Now the worry is for the next phase, where and how to achieve her goals. She wants to be a vet.  Education finances are one hurdle,  but getting to that point is the step to worry about first; I keep saying one step at a time. But in my head, I worry about that next hurdle.
Alr seems to need more of my time and energy recently.

Life goes on in the meantime, school is busier, the children seem to be acting out on different issues, worklife is busier. I am tired and yet I believe it is God's grace that keeps me going in my head, my heart and my body.
With everything that is happening, there is some invisible fabric that still binds us and it is hope for a better tomorrow soon.

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