May 22, 2011

Digitally-wired kids !

I'm reading Future Minds at the moment and oh my goodness, I think Richard Watson is describing my youngest ..... the attention deficit, hyperactivity fleeting from subject to subject, unable to entertain themselves, bored always bored when there are a thousand things to do ..... .

Are you afraid of leaving home without your cellphone?

While we are at instant coffee, they are at instant answers. While we enjoy and can savour our tea, they can't slow down to do that, much less think and reflect for deeper and wider issues. Do they realise you can reset to solve problems.
If they are hooked to the screens, it's difficult for them to read or to want to read... cos it's slow, it's boring, it's not interesting There's little practise to engage from their part, because the screens always engage them. Traffic is one way

What's happened to imagination. Has the brain already been re-wired, am I too late, it's scary.

Holidays are coming SOON. First I had exam fever, soon I'll have holiday fever, to ensure the screens don't grab all their brain cells.
So it's me, parental controls and screen-time wheeling and dealing vs kids must-do list (book attention in varied forms).

1 comment:

A Cuban In London said...

Welcome to the modern world! :-) And it gets worse... before it gets better.

Greetings from London.


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